Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lucky 7's - The Chariot of Intention

Like flies, we arise to the occasion of lies that disguise the moment which dies in the unending skies of our kaleidoscope eyes...


"The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a quite terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions which are nothing other than psychic epidemics. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beats, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche." -Carl Jung


"The Chariot, symbolized by the Greek
Charioteer of Delphi, represents the law of motion.
Your mind, body, heart, and spirit are constantly moving,
running toward their highest possible attainment.

You are moving onward and upward.
You take the challenge to explore all possible pathways
to reach the ideal. You are an adventurer, traveler,
conqueror, and hunter.

The trance-like stare of the Charioteer symbolizes
the meditative detachment and awareness that
give you an inner stillness as you move about.
Your movement then becomes effortless,
and you stay centered amidst changes."


Ben said...

short but sweet

switchonezero said...

thank you

PJB said...

Hi Ben

Interesting blog and vids. :)

You might like my blog although it is somewhat less esoteric and quite a bit more psycho-mechanical.

What is your knowledge of the "shadow self"?